Experience, experience, experience.

It’s quite simple, people learn from experience. There are many recruiters out there, some good and some bad. My experience over the last twenty years, has been building great IT teams to deliver award winning service and project delivery. I enjoyed recruiting, there was nothing more important than getting the right team members in my departments, this drove my move into recruitment. I am passionate about getting IT right, that for me is all about the people.

The subtle skills required to get things right.

What is more important to you, skills or character? These are never mutually exclusive, however from experience of building IT Teams across many industries, you need to consider many things such as your team’s maturity and delivery standards before you can understand the Skills: Character ratio. This is something we can work together on, you will be all too aware of the pace and gradient of your team’s journey to excellence.

Saving you time

Anyone can write a great CV, although it is quite alarming how many IT Professionals cannot.  My experience allows me to dig through the presentation and ensures that a genuine first pass has been done before you invest your time with them. How to interview to get the right outcomes is not everyone’s strength, it is something that needs plenty of practice.

Struggling to find your next challenge?

There has always been a strange relationship between candidate and recruiter, for me, that should be a strong partnership. I work with candidates to understand what drives them and gives them energy, it is not just about a great CV full of the latest buzzwords that the client is looking for. We aim to help build a sustainable career where you will thrive in the right role at the right company.

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